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BK Precision 2658A Spectrum Analyzer

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Product Description

BK Precision 2658A Spectrum Analyzer


Frequency section
Center frequency
Frequency range 50 kHz to 8.5 GHz
Setting 20 kHz
resolution Settable with rotary encoder, numeric or function key
Accuracy within ± (30+20T) kHz±1 dot @frequency span: 200 kHz to 10 MHz, RBW 3 kHz, 23±5 °C within ± (60+300T) kHz±1dot @frequency span: 20 MHz to max. frequency (3.3 GHz or 8.5 GHz), RBW 100 kHz, 23±5 °C T: sweep time (s)
RBW frequency error within ±4 kHz @ 3 kHz, 10 kHz, 30 kHz within 20% of RBW @ RBW: 100 kHz, 300 kHz within 10% of RBW @ RBW: 1 MHz, 3 MHz
Frequency span
Range 0 Hz (zero span), 200 kHz to 5 GHz (1-2-5 step) and 8.5 GHz (Full span)
Accuracy within ±3% ±1dot @ sweep time of 0.3s, 23±5 °C
Display resolution # of points per trace 501dots on LCD screen, 1001dots readout via PC (501 dots are visible on the display, 1001 dots of trace data are captured internally and can be transferred to a PC via USB device interface.)
Bandwidth 3 dB bandwidth
Range 3 kHz to 3 MHz (1-3 sequence) and AUTO
Accuracy ±20%
Selectivity 1:12 (typical, 3 dB : 60 dB)
Video bandwidth 100 Hz to 1 MHz (1-3 step) and AUTO
SSB phase noise -90 dBc/Hz (typical) @100 kHz offset, RBW : 3 kHz, VBW : 100 Hz, sweep time: 1 s
Spurious response Less than -60 dBc
Harmonics less than -40 dBc @ ≥ 100 MHz
Amplitude section
Reference level
Range +10 to -60 dBm (1dB step)
Accuracy within ± 0.8 dB ± 1 dot @ center frequency : 100 MHz, RBW : 3 MHz, VBW : 1 MHz, REF : -15 dBm, 23±5 °C
Unit dBm, dBV, dBmV, dB V, dB V/m, dB A/m (dB V/m and dB A/m are used for measurement functions)
Average noise level -127 dBm (typical) @ CF : 1 GHz, RBW : 3 kHz, VBW : 100 Hz, Ref. level < - 40 dBm ( preamp automatically ON)
Frequency response within ±2.0 dB ± 1 dot @50 kHz to 100 MHz within ±1.0 dB ± 1 dot @100 MHz to max. frequency (3.3 GHz or 8.5 GHz)
Input impedance 50 ?
Input VSWR < 2.0
Input attenuator
Operating range 0 to 25 dB (1 dB step), coupled with reference level
Switching error ±0.6 dB @100 MHz
RBW switching error ±0.6 dB
Display resolution (vertical) 381 dots/10 div
Scale 10 dB/div, 5 dB/div, 2 dB/div
Accuracy ±(0.2 dB+1dot)/2 dB ±(0.4 dB+1dot)/5 dB ±(0.8 dB+1dot)/10 dB ±(1.8 dB+1dot)/83 dB
Input damage level +27 dBm (CW average power), 25 VDC
Sweep section
Sweep time
Range (1-3 step) 10 ms to 30 s and AUTO @frequency span : 0 to 2 GHz 30 ms to 30 s and AUTO @frequency span : 5 GHz, full span
Accuracy Within ±0.1 % ±1 dot @frequency span: 0 to 5 GHz within ±2.5 % ±1 dot @ full span
Trigger mode AUTO (Available only for zero span)
Trigger source Internal and External
Input voltage range 1 to 10 Vp-p
Frequency range DC to 5 MHz
Input coupling DC coupling
Trigger level approx. 0.56 V(fix)
Input RC approx. 10 k? / less than 15 pF
Input damage level ±50 V(DC+AC peak)
Input connector SMA(J)
Detection mode Positive peak, Negative peak, Sample
Marker measurement NORM displays frequency (8 digits max) and level (4 digits max) at marker point. DELTA displays frequency difference and level difference between two markers.
Peak search NORM: searches peak point within 10div (full freq. range). This mode also supports NEXT peak ( up to 10). ZONE: searches peak point within a zone designated by center and width
Measurements Measure Channel power, Adjacent channel leakage power, Occupied frequency bandwidth, Electric field strength (requires antenna), Magnetic field strength (requires magnetic field probe)
Auto tuning Automatically scans the full bandwidth, sets center frequency to the maximum signal within full span and centers it onscreen. Automatically adjusts reference level, RBW, VBW and sweep time to optimum values
Save Saves 200 reference spectrum measurements and 200 setups
Load Loads one reference spectrum measurement and one setup
RF Input connector N(J) connector
USB Communication
Protocol USB version 1.1 (will also work with USB 2.0 devices)
Device Connector B plug
Transfer rate 12 Mbps
Hard copy USB printer (option) connected to A plug (host) enables hard copy of screen.
Host connector A plug
Display 5.7 inch color TFT LCD
Backlight LED backlight
Number of dots 640(H) x 480(V) dots
Power supply
Lithium-ion battery 7.4 V/5000 mAh Li-Ion battery (MB400)
Charge function Capable of charging during power-off. Indicates 4 conditions with two color LED
Charge indicator 5 level indicator of remaining battery charge
Environmental and Size
Operating temperature 0 to 50° C (guaranteed at 23±10 °C, without soft carrying case)
Operating humidity less than 40 °C/80 %RH (guaranteed at less than 33 °C/70 %RH, without soft carrying case)
Storage temperature -20 to 60 °C, less than 60 °C/70 %RH
Dimensions 6.38 (W) x 2.80 (H) x 10.43 (D) inch, 162(W) x 71(H) x 265(D) mm (excluding projections, protection bumper and stand)
Weight approx. 1.8 kg or 4 lbs (including battery)

Package Included :

  • BK Precision 2658A Spectrum Analyzer (BC# 23856-L/T*)
  • Armored Test Port Cable
  • Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • USB PC Interface Cable
  • User Manual On CD-ROM
  • Carrying Case (G)

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